Welcome to the Wheel Doctor in Margate, Kwazulu Natal

Servicing the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal, from Amamzimtoti to Port Edward. Margate in Mag Wheel Repairs and Refurbishment

WHEEL DOCTORS MARGATE specializes in the refurbishing of aluminium and steel wheels and the repairs of mag wheels.


We can also repair all aftermarket alloy wheels. So, if that damaged wheel is bent, cracked, scratched or just isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as it was when you bought it, call us at WHEEL DOCTORS MARGATE.  Damaged alloy wheels, mags and rims on your car can be repaired and restored from the effects of the harsh conditions on the roads. They are constantly being weathered with stones, rocks, tar, curbs and all sorts of nasties.

Wheel Doctors Mag Wheel Repairs

While the structure of the alloy wheel remains strong, the beauty can quickly be destroyed leaving your cars wheels pitted, scratched, lifeless and in need of alloy wheel repairs or restoration. Replacing your car’s alloy wheels can cost several hundreds, even thousands of Rands, but the repair or restoration of your scratched alloys and damaged wheel’s/rims represents exceptional value for money. Not to
mention, with a cut and
 polish, it makes your whole car look brand new!


At Wheel Doctors Margate we restore and repair alloy wheels, rims and mags to their original beauty and condition with our specialised wheel restoration process. We use smart repair which gives your alloy wheels a long-term repair and restores the alloy wheel to its original condition.


Why buy a new rim, when you can repair the rim you have?

WHEEL DOCTORS MARGATE presents a revolutionary solution for you! Rim repair has grown by leaps and bounds. In the “old days”, the way to repair a scratched or corroded aluminium rim involved removing the rim from the automobile, shipping it to a remote location for repair and then waiting, perhaps days or even weeks later, for the rim to be returned.


The combination of removal and shipping made this type of rim repair very expensive – and very time-consuming. Fortunately, WHEEL DOCTORS MARGATE has a better solution. Using state of the art tools and techniques, we can repair, refurbish and bring your rims to new!!


In addition to repair services we offer a vast array of custom services, including...

Disassembly and custom paint or powdercoat of 3 piece wheels; like Asanti, HRE, BBS, and others.

Widening or narrowing of cast or spun alloy wheels.

Removal of existing finishes for lip polishing.

Partial custom paint or powdercoat of chrome wheels.

Wheel Doctor can repair most damaged aluminum wheels, this would include bends, curb rash, cracks, breaks, and cosmetic damage.